Floral Collection | 50ml Room Diffuser and 2 x 9cl Candles Gift Set


A thoughtful gift set of our favourite florals which includes 2 x 9cl votive candles and 1 x 50ml room diffuser.


1 9cl White Jasmine votive candle
1 9cl Lavender votive candle
1 50ml Moroccan Rose room diffuser

Images we use may vary to this gift set but illustrates the packaging we use.



Who doesn’t love a gift set?? This one has been hand-picked by us to create a beautiful floral set of our favourite fragrances and essential oil blends.

In this set we have included our beautiful Moroccan Rose room diffuser (50ml) which comes with our jet black fibre reeds and will fragrance your home for approximately 4 to 6 weeks. It also includes two of our most popular floral scented candles: White Jasmine (fragrance oil) and Lavender (essential oil). Our fragrance oil candles are hand-poured into black gloss glass vessels and for our essential oil candles we use white gloss vessels.