A Classic Christmas | Juniper & Pine and Orange, Clove & Cinnamon | 2 x 20cl candles


Get in the festive spirit with our very Classic Christmas gift set.

Set contains:

1 x 20cl Juniper & Pine candle with pure essential oils

1 x 20cl Orange, Clove & Cinnamon candle with pure essential oils

Burn time  35-40 hours per candle

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We’ve put together two of our essential oil festive scents creating our very Classic Christmas gift set.  Perfect gift idea for the person in your life who loves Christmas!

Juniper & Pine – A familiar fragrance, reminiscent of early yuletide and fresh, majestic pine trees (or Christmas trees!!). Juniper Berry essential oil is a fruity, green fragrance typically like gin with a woody and balsamic base. It strengthens and replenishes the spirit, clears negative energy and restores peace.  Pine essential oil is herbaceous and purifying, stimulating and fortifying. Clears the mind.

Orange, Clove & Cinnamon – Rich, spicy, fruity and warming. A true Christmas classic that reminds us of hot, mulled wine on a cold winter night. Orange essential oil is uplifting and brings happiness and joy. Clove essential oil restores and revitalises and wonderful Cinnamon essential oil boosts brain function and relieves exhaustion.

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