Natural Plant Wax Candles

We work with the wonders and wildness of nature to create our fabulous collection of candles, all of which adhere to certain principles: that they’re not ever tested on animals, that they never contain parabens or harsh and unhealthy chemicals, and that they’re vegan-friendly to boot. The wax blend we use, sustainable soy and rapeseed, provides a great “scent throw” and a clean, even burn. Our packaging is fully recyclable and the jars can be re-used for any number of things.  We like to use ours to store bits and bobs, jewellery, spare change, tiny bunches of flowers and have even created our own miniature herb garden – the possibilities are endless!

Fragrance Oil Candles

Our fragrance oil candles are hand-poured using 100% natural plant wax and blended with high quality, fine fragrances that will create a beautiful scented ambience to any space. It took a lot of time to decide which fragrances would make it into our ranges and we relied upon a lot of help from our family, friends and in particular our Chief Fragrance Tester, Annabelle (aged 9).  After months of testing, we think we have created the perfect scented candles and hopefully there is a fragrance or two within our ranges that you will love.

Aromatherapy Candles

Our aromatherapy candles are hand-poured using 100% natural plant wax (soy and rapeseed blend) and blended with high quality, pure essential oils which not only provide therapeutic benefits but also fills your home or space with hours of beautiful, lingering aromas.

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