About The Black Tree Candle Co.

From our workshop in rural Shropshire we craft beautifully scented natural plant wax candles and vegetable based room diffusers using beautiful fragrances and essential oils which not only fragrance your home but also provide therapeutic benefits. In addition, we have a range of carefully selected home accessories that are handmade by talented artisans from around the world.

Eco-friendliness  & Excellence Combined

Here at The Black Tree Candle Co., we like to think we’re a brand that can offer you something different. Specialising in beautifully scented plant based candles and room diffusers and a natural skincare range which has been developed in-house and handmade in small batches in our beautiful onsite workshop to ensure optimum freshness.  We’re all about helping you to live a happier, healthier, and more harmonious life and our products are meticulously crafted in line with our environmentally friendly ethos, which focuses on using many ingredients found in Mother Nature to produce the highest quality range of natural face and body creams.

At The Black Tree Candle Co, we’re proud to be a family affair. The brainchild of our founder Kelly Greenfield, our company is run through the combined efforts of willing family, friends, and a hefty dose of extra help from a very enthusiastic 8-year-old, Annabelle, our Founder’s daughter and apprentice extraordinaire! Committed to bringing our customers something different, we’ve built a brand driven by the desire to make our world a better place, not just for current generations, but future ones too. That’s why our range of products is based on a philosophy of simplicity and authenticity: of doing as little harm as possible and bringing happiness to many.
Kelly Greenfield


Improve your wellbeing

To our mind, it’s not enough to produce items that are effective in protecting your skin or looking and smelling pretty either. We endeavour to take our clients on a journey to improve their overall wellbeing and emotional health, enabling them to take small steps that cumulate to make them feel their best each and every day.   The philosophy we embrace is one of simplicity and authenticity. Working with the Earth’s wonders and wildness in the plant based ingredients and essential oils used to craft our products.  We utilise only the finest ingredients and materials, and do so in a way that causes as little harm as possible to the world around us and supporting UK based suppliers..
We do not ever endorse or use either animal testing or harsh or harmful chemicals, and that we are strongly committed to minimising the impact our business has on the environment. We source our packaging and product ingredients from companies based in the UK and who hold the same eco credentials and beliefs that we do.  Our skincare products are made in house, in small batches to ensure optimum freshness and shelf life.   Our candles, and room diffusers are crafted by hand and are beautifully fragranced. Our essential oil range also offers wonderful therapeutic benefits.

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